Sunday, March 4, 2012

South Indian cuisine- Preferred by people

Indian cuisine consists of lots of spices as well as vegetables grown in the country, itself.? Vegetarianism is prevalent in India and is reflected in the food. The food preparation in the country differs from state to state and is influenced by the customs of the Indian subcontinent. Every regional cuisine consists of refreshments, drinks,main course dishes that comprises breads or Rice, curry with vegetables along with desserts, in the end.

The South Indian cuisine is well-known for its larger emphasis on rice as the staple grain, the ubiquity of samberand rasam, a range of pickles, and the moderate use of coconut and mainly coconut oil and curry leaves. Every area in south has its individual method of preparing certain dishes.

The South Indian recipes in a few states tend to be very hot and spicy. Chilies, curry leaves, mustard and tamarind are the favored spices.

A few examples of the widespread south Indian dishes consist of dosa, vada, idli and payasam. Dosa is the Indian version of a thin pancake, which is made from rice and lentils. It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins and is usually eaten for breakfast. Idli is the thicker variation of Indian pancake made from a batter of rice as well as fermented lentils. Both idly and dosa are served along with sambhar and chutney.South Indian food recipes are slowly turning out to be famous nowadays. People have developed a new taste of having food outside their homes on regular intervals. To please the culinary interest of such people, restaurants are taking on the initiative to offer people with something more than what they have in their homes, on a daily basis. The restaurants prepare items from diverse areas and tempt the fans with various vegetarian dishes. There are lots of people who come out into the restaurants to have the non-vegetarian dishes. But, because of the preparations of delicious Indian vegetarian recipes in the restaurants, people are visiting restaurants to have south Indian vegetarian dining.

The chain of Vaango restaurants, is an outstanding concept where one is able to have the benefit of authentic South Indian food in the modern ambience.


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